Sunday, August 26, 2012

All About Beacon

Beacon Adhesives manufactures a wide range of quality glues for almost any craft, hobby, home decor or repair application. For almost 90 years, Beacon has been an innovative leader in the development of unique, award-winning adhesives for diverse industries from craft to construction.

Beacon was founded in 1926 by David Meshirer as Beacon Chemical Company in New York City as a supplier to the millinery business, specifically making fabric sizings and stiffeners as well as distributing other hat making supplies. Prior to World War II, it was fashionable and proper for both men and women to always wear a hat whenever out of the house. As a result, Beacon's business boomed.

After the war, hat wearing took a dramatic decline but Beacon continued to expand into other types of adhesive products including many industrial epoxies. In 1956, Beacon's owner Mickey Meshirer, David's son, an accomplished and creative chemist, formulated FABRI-TAC, the first and still absolutely the best fabric and craft adhesive on the market today.

Fabri-Tac was dramatically different from any other glue because of its strength, clarity, and versatility. Unlike the typical white glue that was pretty much the only choice back then, Fabri-Tac revolutionized how glue was perceived and certainly expanded the way in which glue was used.

After Fabri-Tac's enormous success, Beacon developed many other exciting glues including Gem-Tac Embellishing Glue, Beacon 527, Zip Dry Paper Glue, 3-In-1 Advanced Craft Glue, Dazzle-Tac Jewelry Glue, Fast Finish Decoupage, and Quick Grip.  

The third generation of the Meshirer family, Mickey's son David and daughter Debbie, are continuing the Beacon tradition of excellency and innovation. Mickey is still creating many new formulations in the lab while David and Debbie are expanding the company both here in the United States and abroad.

All of Beacon's products are PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA!

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