Tuesday, July 10, 2012

DIY Wood and Bead Necklace

Wood and Paper Bead Necklace
By Susan I Jones for Beacon Adhesives

Make a statement necklace using inexpensive materials in your choice of colors. With Beacon Adhesives,
create a fashionable accessory in an afternoon. You’ll want to make several for yourself and gifts.

ZipDry Paper Glue
Fast Finish Decoupage
Assorted paper strips, each 5/8”-1” x 4”
Round pencil or skewer for rolling paper beads
Metallic marking pen
Wooden beads, unfinished (3 large, 2 medium)
Alcohol inks or markers
Small sponges for each ink color
2 yds. Rattail cord
Metallic spacer beads with large holes
Plastic cup or bowl
Skewers or long tweezers*
Rubber gloves
Teflon craft sheet or waxed paper for work surface

*Chop Sticks that fit the hole in the wood bead are useful for coloring and dipping the beads. If you use skewers smaller than the hole, wrap a rubber band around the skewer to prevent the bead from sliding down or off.


1. Roll a paper strip around the pencil or skewer and apply ZipDry paper glue to the paper end to secure
the bead. Hold the glued end in place until the glue grabs and the end is secure. Slip bead off of pencil and repeat rolling until you have 20 – 30 paper beads.


2. Cover your work surface with a Teflon craft sheet or waxed paper. Pour about 2” Fast Finish Decoupage medium into a plastic cup or bowl.  Drop paper beads in batches into the medium to fully coat each bead. Use tweezers or a skewer to remove each bead from the Fast Finish. Drain and dry on a protected surface.



3. Coat the beads twice. When completely dry, edge each bead with a metallic marker.

4. Wear rubber gloves. Put a wood bead onto a chopstick or skewer. With a small sponge apply alcohol inks to the bead. Layer the ink colors for a more interesting bead finish. Repeat with each wood bead.

5. Dip the bead into the Fast Finish Decoupage medium and swirl to coat. Allow the bead to dry then dip again for a glossy finish. Allow beads to dry completely.

Note: Some ink color may leach into cup of Fast Finish. It is ok and won’t affect the project.

6.  String the wood beads, paper beads and spacer beads onto the cord. Begin with a focal bead. Knot cord on each side of the bead to secure it.  Make knots in the cord between the beads where desired. If you’re making a double strand necklace, knot each strand together leaving plenty of cord to tie necklace around neck. Knot cut ends of cord to prevent raveling.

Design Notes:

Use all wood or all paper beads in a color family for a necklace. String wood and spacer beads onto elastic cord for a matching bracelet. Vary the shape of the paper strips for differently shaped paper beads. Thread the beads onto ribbon, leather or yarn for a different look. Add glass, ceramic or other reclaimed beads for additional sparkle.

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