Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Can I use PATCH ATTACH  on a nylon sports jacket?

Glue Gal speakls: Not a good idea! Patch Attach is a glue that is activated by a hot iron and cannot be used on nylon, leather, satin, certain synthetic blends, or shear and delicate fabrics that will either "melt" or be scorched by heat. Patch Attach is great on denim, cotton, felt, and other natural fibers.

When I opened a bottle of Patch Attach, I was surprised to find that it had no stickiness and was just a white powder. Did I get a defective bottle?

Glue Gal speaks: Patch Attach's formula is supposed to be powdery and non-sticky until it's heat set with a hot iron on a cotton or linen setting. Until heat is applied, the "magic" doesn't happen! However, once adequate heat is applied the glue is permanent, both washable and dry cleanable, and cannot be removed.

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  1. I have been looking for something to work on my Cub Scout son's patches. I hate trying to sew those thick patches on all the time. This Patch Attach looks like something I need to run out and purchase!!