Thursday, November 29, 2012

Holiday Crafting with LIQUID LAMINATE, DAZZLE-TAC, and ZIP DRY

Silver Snowflake Cookie Tin
Silver Snowflake Cookie Tin
 4” X 6” metal tin (any color)
 Silver metallic spray paint for tin
 Blue spray paint for tin
 Paper clay or any air dry clay
 2” snowflake cookie cutter
 Blue and silver metallic craft papers
 Holographic glitter
 Assorted silver, white & blue tiny beads
 Small craft brush, ruler, pencil, paper cutter or scissors, Lucite roller or old rolling pin, toothpick
1.Take can outside in a cardboard box and spray the lid using the blue metallic spray paint. Let dry and apply a second coat to cover completely. Remove from box.
2.Using the same box, spray the bottom of the tin with the silver paint. Once dry, repeat to cover completely.
3.Cut a strip of blue metallic paper 1” wide and about 5” long. Make sure the paper meets the lid and does not fit under it. Glue strip to tin with ZIP DRY PAPER GLUE. Repeat process on the other three sides and let dry.
4.Cut a 3 ½” square of silver metallic paper for the lid. Glue to lid top with ZIP DRY PAPER GLUE.  Let dry.
5.Roll paper clay to 1/8” thickness. Cut out five snowflakes and let dry at least 3 hours depending upon the humidity in your area.
6.Paint both sides of the wooden star with 2 coats of gold paint, drying between coats. Draw lines around the edges of the star with the black marker.
7.Glue one snowflake to the lid with DAZZLE-TAC and the other four onto the blue strips on the side. Hold in place for a few minutes to allow glue time to grab onto surface.
8.Add a thin line of DAZZLE-TAC around the perimeter of the silver paper on the lid, one side at a time. Use a toothpick to move the tiny beads onto the glue. Repeat process on sides of can over the edges of the blue strips as shown. Let one side dry before finishing remaining sides.
Designer: Sandy Rollinger


  1. I love Zip Dry, it's the best!!!

  2. Zip Dry is always close by in my craft room! I think I need to try Liquid Laminate and Dazzle-Tac!