Friday, December 14, 2012

Pretty Poinsettia Candle Holder using FABRI-TAC, LIQUID LAMINATE, and ZIP DRY

 Glass votive candle holder 3” high or larger
 Cream  or white mulberry paper
 Red and green decorative holiday papers
 Metallic gold pen
 Leaf paper punch
 Gold beads, approx. 4mm
 Red fiber cord
 Craft brush, 1⁄2” wide flat
1.Tear mulberry paper into small pieces and adhere to entire holder with Liquid Laminate as per bottle directions. Let dry.
2.Apply Fabri-Tac to rim of the holder and wrap red fiber around several times. Glue in place and let dry.
3.Use the leaf paper punch to punch out 12 petals from the red paper and 5 from the green paper. Using the gold pen, draw lines around the edges of each petal and leaf. Let dry.
4.Cut out a small square of red paper. Glue 6 red petals onto the square using Zip-Dry. Glue 6 more petals in between the ones you’ve just glued to achieve a layered look. Glue the leaves onto the underside of the flower and glue onto the votive with Zip-Dry.
5.Glue 6 gold beads onto the center of the flower with Fabri-Tac.
Designer: Sandy Rollinger


  1. I love your poinsettia candle holder! This is so beautiful!

  2. wow!! your products look amazing! I am glad I stumbled upon your site!

  3. This candle holder is the project I like. I already love using 3-IN-1 glue for card making and scrapbooking. I would like to check out Liquid Laminate and Fast Finish Decopage.